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Return of the Molecular Biology Forums

Postby strom » Sep 15 2005 8:17 pm

If you're reading this, you now realize that after a couple of months off the (formerly NWFSC) Molecular Biology Forums have returned, thanks to the kind folks at BioTechniques.

You might be wondering what happened. I won't go into all the details but there came a point where there was a strong feeling within my agency that all external web servers be brought under the control of professional IT staff. I was hoping for an orderly transition, but a couple of incidences of hacking (one on the server I was running and one on another group's), hastened that decision to take effect rather suddenly and immediately. At first my institution's IT staff and I explored porting the boards to another system they could manage, but in the end we mutually agreed it would not be practical.

I then considered moving the site to a private ISP. However, my work responsibilities have increased dramatically and frankly I'd gotten to the point I'd rather read the forums as a user rather than administrator! So, thanks to the kind efforts of the qPCR moderator Suzanne, BioTechniques was approached and they agreed to take them on. It's a good fit, and not just because I have 15 years of their issues scattered throughout my office!

As you can see, all the posts since November 2002, the point that I switched the forums to the phpbb bulletin board system, are here. The old archived posts from 1995-2002 are not. I don't think the latter will be missed.

In closing, I know the forums will be every bit as successful and useful in their new home as they were in the old one. It's all of you that made them that way.



PS: Some have asked about the protocols that were also posted on the server. They are no longer available on-line. If there is one or more that you want, drop me a note through the email link below and I will send them to you.
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Postby EpiMPH » Oct 18 2005 1:10 am

i just wanted to say hello again and give you a big hug for all of your work that you have done for so many others. Running these forums as you did for so long was not an easy job (i am pretty sure) but we never heard you complain and you did everything that you could to make sure that we all could enjoy and learn from one another. Sometimes in science we are all so conserned with our own publications and getting ahead that we forget to just take a few moments to help others out.
Once again THANK YOU Mark!
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