shall we discuss the problems by using icq or msn?

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shall we discuss the problems by using icq or msn?

Postby nicholas zhao » Mar 31 2006 5:00 am

hello everyone.i have studied biology at college for nearly 5 years .
i come from china,i suggest that we could discuss questions we face on the internet. we can sovle the problem more quickly by using icq or msn i think..shall we ?that's my opinion only.
my icq is 231-172-053 and msn is
i wish u could leave your both number here :P
best wishes !
nicholas zhao
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Postby r.rosati » Mar 31 2006 10:31 am

Hello Nicholas,

I moved your post in the "Suggestions and Comments" forum.

This idea has been suggested in the past... I still believe that the big helpfulness of these forums is to create a "hints database", that is, to keep a written record of problems and solutions so that if in 2010 someone has a ligation problem, he/she may browse past threads and get a hint without having to post again. This is also why many "old" users can easily point to older threads when sharing hints on previously discussed problems. (And this is why we're all most thankful to people who, after solving a problem, come back and post on their own thread "I finally solved the problem by doing this and this".)
In addition, I can say that I've personally learned a lot by reading other people's threads and what was proposed as solutions to their difficulties.
A chat system would totally abolish this usefulness. Different people would basically come and ask the same things over and over again... and whoever isn't logged in at the time, would perhaps lose some good advices.

That's just my opinion though!

Best wishes,

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