Paper Requests

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Paper Requests

Postby kayvee » Nov 21 2006 2:22 pm

We all know how important access to research papers is for our research. I am sure almost every one of us have came across a situation where we do not have access to a particular research paper because our institution does not have a subscription for that particular journal. In such situations, is there a way to share research papers among us? I support the idea of using this forum as the medium to share research papers (only).

http://molecularbiology.forums.biotechn ... hp?t=13687

This issue was raised in Jan 2006, but the discussion ended as the administrator wanted to do ‘…a more careful review of the legal implications of this type of sharing (both for BioTechniques and for individual posters)…’ I was wondering if anything was done about this in the mean time. I do not know any official channels, but I have talked to several people (including librarians) and everyone told me that it is okay to share research papers (for research purposes only – not to publicly redistribute) between us. I have noticed that another molecular biology forum is doing this and seems to be working fine. After almost a year of burying this issue, I was wondering if we are any more ready to at least discuss about this now…

Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated.
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