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DNAsp Categories

Postby Nin » Feb 26 2015 2:00 am


I am having a few issues with DNAsp. The easiest to solve should be the following: how do I remove erroneous categories? Or any categories for that matter. No matter if there is anything in them or not. I really don't want to start from the beginning again...

Second: at some point I read/received a tip of how to discover/check what samples had not been categorised (as I work with a large number of samples and categories and there is no way in the programme to keep track of this sort of thing, this is really useful). It was through checking the text of a certain file, but cannot remember what file, what I would need to do to generate it if it requires one to do so, and also what the actual text I was looking for would look like.

If there are any DNAsp wizzes out there, please help!!

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