Cy 3 low with dyesaver2

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Cy 3 low with dyesaver2

Postby tmastro » Oct 10 2007 7:45 pm

I have heard that Cy 3 has a stronger signal than Cy 5. This does not seem to be true when using dyesaver2 on our slides. When we use dyesaver2 the Cy 5 signal is preserved well but the Cy 3 signal drops off. Does anyone know if there something about dyesaver2 that does not protect Cy 3 so that when it is exposed to air/light the dye is deteriorating? Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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Postby spielerei » Aug 20 2008 1:47 pm

hi tmastro,

I tried the dyesaver reagent once, and I didn't see a positive affect for the Cy5, and the background of the Cy3 signal went up so the signal / bkgr values dropped,
didn't like it at all so I stopped using dyesavers,
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