Microarray hybridization station ???

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Microarray hybridization station ???

Postby Kir11 » Apr 03 2008 10:19 am

Hi all,
We perform two-dye hybridization on microarrays and desided to bye a full-cycle hybridization robot. We are choosing from Tecan HS400 Pro, Myltenyi Biotech a-hyb and Discovery X system from Ventana. There is also hyb system from BioMicro but it consist of two separate machines, one for hybridization and another for washes. Can anybody advice, which one to choose? Which station works better, more reliable and reproducible?

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Postby spielerei » Aug 20 2008 1:59 pm

hi Kir11,

I tested the Maui hyb station (not the washing station) and the Miltenyi a- hyb station.

Both give similar results in signa;/bkgr values and reproducebility.

Disadvantage of the Maui system is that you need hybridization mixers (hybridization areas) they can only be used once.
Advantage is the small hybridization volume and different types of mixers (e.g. agilent 1, 2, 4 pack slides)

Big disadvantage for the a-hyb system is that you don't have chambers for the different slide areas

For the Tecan I know they have different chamber areas, and a friend of mine is very happy with this system.

Can't tell you anything about the ventana system,

well hope this helps

I don't know about pricing because that can differ which country you live in.
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Postby WISBiomed » Oct 03 2008 5:04 pm

If flexibility is your top priority, take a look at Scigene's hybridization and little dipper processor. These are pretty much an open system where you can run all kinds of slides.
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