RNA, expression array

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RNA, expression array

Postby etla » Jun 29 2008 7:08 am

Hi all, I am just a student and I am gonna ask some reli naive question...

1.I have done a ChIP-ChIP, in which I quantify the DNA labelled with klenow, so that I put same amount of IP sample and genomic DNA control to hybridize one array. But for expression array, should I use same amount of cell or should I use same amount of RNA for the WT and mutant to hybridize one array? Or when should I hybridize with RNA from same amount of cell and when should I quantify the RNA and then hybridize?

2.If I break an embryo shell and isolate a kind of cell for analysis, will the expression level of cell dramatically change after isolated from their native enironment? even if they left on ice. they can change much?

Thank you for any help~~
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