Luminex Consumables: coStar Plates

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Luminex Consumables: coStar Plates

Postby jewishmolpath » Mar 09 2009 7:56 pm


We have just acquired a Luminex 200 platform and were told the coStar 6509 plates were dirt cheap. However, they retail for $180/25, which means each plate costs $7.20. I know D-MARK Biosciences, a Canadian company, manufactures plates that are very similar to ABI's Optical Plates and they sell them at $125/50, meaning $2.50 per plate. BIOplastics likewise has plates that retail for $3 each.

The problem is that the Luminex platform is designed in such a way that only very short plates can fit in.

I was wondering which plates Luminex users were using.

Thank you.
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