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Postby kkim » Oct 12 2010 9:29 pm

Hi, I am new to microarray (never done it before) even if I have been interested in.
I have a RNA virus which has a simple gene structure. One of the virus genes is the 5'NTR (non-translated region) with about 740 nt long. It has a secondary structure so cellular proteins can bind, resulting in the formation of viral replication complex. So far 4-5 cellular proteins have been identified even if there are more out there. The binding process is very critical for virus replication. I want to explore this - I want to see what cellular protein (gene) can be associated with the viral region.

Here is the question I want to ask;
The microarry can be used for this purpose ???? I guess that I can use in vitro RNA from the 5'NTR region as I have few different sources of the 5'NTRs (e.g., pathogenic and non-pathogenic strain's 5NTR). So I can see what gene can be reacted with the RNA, and also whether there is difference between pathogenic and non-pathogenic (it should be, I guess).

Again, I have never done microarruy before and want to learn more through this experiment. if you know what company does or can do this kind of experiment, please also give you your info as well.
Thanks for your advice and comments in advance.
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