Best way to represent my data?

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Best way to represent my data?

Postby SyntonicC » Nov 26 2013 9:07 pm

I am new to microarrays. I want to know what the best way to represent my data is and if there is a name for the type of analysis I am doing.

I have a list of genes from the experiment that are up or down-regulated compared to my control. However, the experiment was performed from material isolated in three different experimental conditions resulting in a different set of genes as the output for each of the conditions. There are a number of genes that appear in two or all three conditions.

So I can represent the data by having the gene names on one axis and GO-term clustering on the other and represent the up/down regulation with a heat map. But I want to now compare the data from each of the three experimental conditions so that when a gene is shared between the conditions I can see how the up/down regulation changes between conditions. The only thing I can think of is just having three different clustered heat-maps stacked on each other so that the gene names align and visually compare the differences.

Is there a way to represent all three conditions on one clustered heat-map without making it completely unreadable?

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Re: Best way to represent my data?

Postby mdfenko » Feb 21 2014 1:04 pm

what you appear to be doing is called "gene expression".

the software package(s) that you use to evaluate the results should give you display options, at least one of which should meet your needs.
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