HeLa Cell Lysis Buffer for DNA quantification

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HeLa Cell Lysis Buffer for DNA quantification

Postby bigtree2008 » Jan 08 2017 11:38 am


I need some help with how exactly to prepare HeLa cells for quantification using Hoechst 33258 which I have with the Sigma DNA Quantitation Kit, Fluorescence Assay.

I initially seed 20,000 cells in wells of a 24 well plate. I want to measure cell proliferation and inihibition at different time points e.g. 72 hours, 3 days etc.

How exactly should I prepare the cells lysis for use with this assay.
I tried to lyse HeLa cells with SSC buffer containing 80mg/100mL of SDS. Bone marrow derived MSC could be successfully dissolved with this buffer. However, some cell residues were observed in case of HeLa cells.

What kind of cell lysis buffer should I use for the above assay ?

Any help would be very much appreciated :)
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