Arthropod Cell Cultures - Advice much appreciated

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Arthropod Cell Cultures - Advice much appreciated

Postby Ice » Mar 01 2017 7:29 pm

Hello all,

Medical physiology student with limited lab experience here.

I've worked with mammalian and plant cell/tissue cultures before, however, I want to do some fun, independent research on the side. I'm struggling to find consistent literature describing growth mediums and techniques used when creating primary cultures of arachnid cells. Am I correct in saying that they have not been explored nearly as much as other inverts? It seems half my battle here may be to experiment with different growth mediums to find which will work for long term culture survival before I can investigate the things I am interested in.

Anyway... I would like to examine secretory epithelial cells and plan to be growing them on microporous well inserts, and after reaching confluence, expose only the basolateral side of the cells to the media in an attempt to simulate in vivo conditions (apical ends of the cells exposed to a "Ringer's" solution of sorts) . Any thoughts for me before I proceed? Tips on how I should go about finding the best growth media cocktail?

I appreciate any input - I'm quite the novice when it comes to this.
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