Drosophila larvae salivary gland mounting

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Drosophila larvae salivary gland mounting

Postby jdplotki » Dec 04 2005 8:45 pm

I am looking at third instar larvae salivary glands that express EGFP under a confocal scope. My problem comes in when im mounting my dissected glands on a slide. I can usually get them onto the slide in the mounting media intact and connected to the central duct, but when I put the cover slip on them they inevitably move around, and I need to get them into an orientation such that I can image them in the same frame. Since I am looking at GFP expressed in living cells my options are somewhat limited.
Has any one else had this problem, or can see an obvious solution? Any comments would be much appreciated.
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Help on S.G. mounting

Postby bcostantino » Feb 10 2006 12:55 am

Make spacers by cutting Whatman #1 filter paper into small strips and use them to lay the slide cover accross. Without spacers the glands get crushed.

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Re: Drosophila larvae salivary gland mounting

Postby Drosophilist » May 16 2013 10:26 pm

We struggled with similar problems with other fly tissues for a long time. Recently, we found that tungsten wire (diameters of 14 - 76 microm) from Scientific Instrument Services made good spacers appropriate to tissues of different thicknesses. The wire can also be used as an anchor to minimize movement of the tissue. Insect minutien pins (0.1 mm) were not bad either.
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