Stomatal density

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Stomatal density

Postby Aristophanes » May 23 2012 12:00 am

I am currently researching stomatal density of a certain plant. Stomata are holes bordered by two cells. I am able to take impressions of the underside of a leaf, and mount that impression on a slide to view it under a microscope. Attached to the microscope is a digital camera, which allows me to take pictures of the slides. In each area of the slide, I would like to count how many stomata are present. Currently, what I am doing is identifying them myself, labeling them with a dot in Adobe Photoshop, and then adding a white background layer, such that I end up with an image of black dots on a white background. That image is subsequently analyzed in software called Pixcavator, which counts the black dots for me.
I was wondering if there's any software out there that could identify the stomata directly (instead of by human eye). This would save me a great deal of time and effort. Below is an image of a slide with stomatal impressions.
Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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