Humorous stories from the lab. What were your biggest mistakes that you can now laugh about? (Keep it clean!!)

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Postby rindy » Feb 22 2011 4:21 pm

It may be of use to know that some of the moderators having problems are posting from other countries besides US/UK

Some of the error reports from moderators:

-I could post 'test but I got an error when trying to post 'find (with the apostrophe).

-I thought it was my ISP, but yesterday I found out that these sentences inside the post gave the error:

I used a modified TALP medium (Tyrode's Albumin, Pyruvate and Lactate). I would suggest you to search for papers on mouse spermatozoa, to find the best recipe for your species of interest.

I don't know why. Could it be due to an inappropriate words check? I changed the sentences and I could post. If i put these sentences one after another in a post, they give the error. But if I put either one of them, but not the other, it doesn't. I'll be happy if you try and see whether you get the same error or not.

-I can't post: 'find:

-the word that crashes it is "control"

-I can take a post of mine that's rejected and edit it to remove the apostrophe, and/or key "triggering" word, and then the post is accepted. I edit it again and add or remove apostrophes/quotation marks and/or key words and it is quite consistent that the combination of one of the "triggering" words and an apostrophe or quote anywhere in the post will cause it not to go through
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Re: test

Postby mchlbrmn » Feb 23 2011 5:55 pm

You're just showing off what you can post and we can't!
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