Joke about Peanuts & Sunseeds

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Joke about Peanuts & Sunseeds

Postby Dianna » Mar 12 2015 9:13 am

I remember the first biological expriment class during my high school. I and my classmates went into the lab, and our teacher didn't arrived yet. We saw there were peanuts and sunseeds on the desk. So all of us ate them, although the flavor was kind of strange. Then when our teacher came and asked about the peanuts and sunseeds. We said we ate them. She shouted right away, "Oh my gosh, I tried to preserved them for 2 years, but you ate all of them?" We all felt like vomiting. But our biology teacher seemed only care about her sexpired sunseeds and peanuts... :shock:
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Re: Joke about Peanuts & Sunseeds

Postby JaneJ » Jan 29 2016 6:28 am

That's funny, but what was the aim for your teacher to preserve the peanuts and sunflower seed?
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