Obama's "Education Outreach" Challenge

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Are you currently engaged in an "Education Outreach" program?

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Obama's "Education Outreach" Challenge

Postby Andrew Wiecek » Apr 29 2009 5:02 pm

U.S. President Barack Obama has challenged scientists and engineers to make an extra effort to engage students with science during his recent speech at the Annual Meeting of the National Academy of Sciences.

BioTechniques started an Education Outreach column in our February 2009 issue. We've received some encouraging feedback from our audience regarding our initiative. Some readers have told us their stories about advancing science education for the next generation. To further this discussion, we'd like to hear your thoughts, experiences, and personal education outreach efforts stories.

What have you done, what steps are you currently undertaking, or what are your future goals to engage the next generation of researchers? What challenges or successes have you already encountered?
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Re: Obama's "Education Outreach" Challenge

Postby Neoplasm » May 03 2009 12:07 am

I started teaching online coures in biology for the local community college. More researchers should get involved in this as it is a means of helping in education. It allows me to have contact with students at a very formative time in their careers, while allowing me to define when I put in the time. I started as a postdoc, and six years later I am still engaged. While I started doing it as a second income, it has also been a very rewarding experience. Making yourself availible online is a way to influence the community with a minimal impact on your schedule.
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