The Conflicting Meaning of Transparency

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The Conflicting Meaning of Transparency

Postby Dr. Jack Coupal » Sep 27 2011 9:09 pm

The editorial in the September 2011 BioTechniques issue (titled above) provides a discussion of authors revealing Competing Interests to their published works.

The listing of author compensation and support in whatever form from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in "Competing Interests" is obvious. Less obvious - but also required for listing in such Competing Interests - is funding and support in whatever form from private foundations. Foundation names can sound very innocuous, but may have an influence far beyond the readers' comprehension.

For example, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsors research that covers a wide range of health and health policy issues. The Foundation also appears to have a strong political agenda regarding scientific and clinical objectives for its sponsored research. If a reader of a scientific or clinical paper from authors sponsored by the Foundation is unaware of that agenda, the reader is being misled. The economics of corporate pharmaceutical and biotechnology support is not any more sinister than that of any other potential support.
Dr. Jack Coupal
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Re: The Conflicting Meaning of Transparency

Postby JMG » Oct 06 2011 7:42 pm

Apparently, and in addition, such is the lovely nature of C4 corporations and their carnal involvement in the medical industrial complex.

Perhaps at those times when we lack a distinct target against which to take aim due to the ability of things to hide, don't forget we can always blame the Rothschilds or the Bilderberg Society to bring us closure.

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