pSYX34 or equivalent?....

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pSYX34 or equivalent?....

Postby Born2Clone » Aug 06 2018 5:28 pm

Just checking to see if anyone might have the old map and/or pdf file of the following description of low copy number plasmid pSYX34:

Xu, S. Y. & Fomenkov, A. (1994). Construction of pSC101
derivatives with Camr and Tetr for selection or LacZ« for
blue}white screening. Biotechniques 17, 57.

It does not appear that the Biotechniques archives go back to 1994 from what I could see and I may have lost my old paper copy of that article. The plasmid map would suffice if anyone has a copy as well. In the event that I cannot locate a map anywhere, I'm trying to clone a ~4kb fragment with know toxicity in E. coli (numerous labs across numerous countries reporting the problem), with the exception being that low copy Agrobacterium vectors appear to stabilize the insert. Perhaps just use a BAC vector? Any other thoughts? Thanks!
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Re: pSYX34 or equivalent?....

Postby 29yrsExperience » Aug 10 2018 2:42 pm

Sorry Born2Clone, but I don’t have the map nor can I find it anywhere among on-line images, as I’m sure you have already tried. You might try a University/College library to see if they have old bound copies of the journal that go that far back. The only other thing I can think of is another old cloning vector, pACYC184. Which I think is still available, for free with another purchase! Here is a link to information: ... .pdf?la=en

This plasmid is a “medium” copy plasmid: the supplier says ~15 copies per cell. and it might help, or not. Good luck.
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