Preservation of filtered bacteria for metagenomics

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Preservation of filtered bacteria for metagenomics

Postby dailyxe » Aug 27 2018 8:38 am

I want to extract total DNA from microbes (bacteria and archaea) from water. I was planning to filter the water (with 0.2um filter) and then extract DNA directly from what stuck to the filter, which I have done before. However, this time I'm going to a remote location where I can only bring minimal equipement, so I will be able to extract DNA only a few days later and won't be able to keep the samples cold.

Ideally, I'd like to dry the filters and do extraction (by bead beating for instance) later. That would be by far the most convenient thing to do. Does anyone have experience with drying samples before DNA extraction?

Note: I don't need to have intact DNA, as long as I have DNA fragments that are >500pb on average.
Note2: This sampling is going to be from salt saturated water, so if anyone as further insights/comments regarding these, I'll be glad to hear about them.

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