Recent Graduate Trying to Get My Foot in the Door

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Recent Graduate Trying to Get My Foot in the Door

Postby ericvon » Aug 26 2014 3:49 pm

I graduated with my degree in Biological Sciences in May of 2013. I had good grades, but due to some surgeries and some naivety, I did not get any lab experience outside of a few lab classes. After graduating, I worked in Africa for a brief time doing behavioral research, but came home after some unforeseen problems with the postdoc there.

My problem now is that every job listing--and I mean EVERY job listing-- says "minimum of 1 year lab experience in ____." While I understand employers and professors want someone who knows what they're doing, it's really left me without much of an option. Volunteering seems to be my only hope at ever getting experience, but I live about an hour and a half outside LA, so it'd be pretty difficult to volunteer on any consistent basis without a stable income. Anyone have ideas or advice? Do you think any professor might train me once or twice a week that I might be able to get to the university/lab?

Just looking for some help. Applying repeatedly to no avail, for almost a year, takes a toll on your self-esteem. :cry: I truly love all biology and desperately want to spend my life studying the biology of human behavior. Even while out of a job, I've been reading textbooks and taking online courses. Not that that makes me a genius, but it should show my dedication and passion for the subject. I can't help but feel that passion could be used somewhere.
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