Solulink hydrazine crosslinking

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Solulink hydrazine crosslinking

Postby hydrazine burn » Dec 14 2010 10:53 pm

What's the deal with this company called Solulink ?

Using unstable aryl hydrazones for conjugations, toxic reactive aryl hydrazines and aldehydes, aniline!?!?


What's more, they've used the Thermo (Pierce) patent for sulfo-NHS without their permission, everyone using Solulink products containing sulfo-NHS is going to be in violation of Thermo's IP
hydrazine burn
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Re: Solulink hydrazine crosslinking

Postby alieen » Nov 19 2014 10:00 am

The company that hire fresh grads should not expect they can do all the industry stuff. They have to train them, just as we train fresh postdocs (from departments other than biochemistry/molecular biology) how to use micropipets. Some universities do have intership programs with collaboration of industries, so fresh grads will know what to expect when they land on a job in industry.
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