Labeling large RNA's

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Labeling large RNA's

Postby nekameneka » May 15 2017 4:51 am

Hello everyone, I have a question about labeling RNA. Not decided which label, probably biotin because right now I have a kit but my worry is that I have quiet large RNA and using calculation they provide in the protocol I came to a silly number. They say I need 0.6nmol of 5' ends and that should correspond to 100ug of 500bp double stranded nucleic acid or I can use this equation to calculate: A/BxCx1000 nmols/ul where A is concentration of nucleic acid, B is average MW of nucleotide (317ug/umol for RNA) and C is total number of base pairs.
Let's say when I purify my RNA I have a sample with usually around 300ng/ul. If I use the formula to calculate how much of the sample I need I come to the result that I need 8ml of this sample to be able to do the reaction properly. Impossible! Can someone help me with getting this right?
Thanks a lot!
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