Help me figuring out Nanoparticle size factors...

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Help me figuring out Nanoparticle size factors...

Postby fenderism » Jan 09 2017 6:03 am


I have just signed in this site and it seems like this is really good place to share info.

I am majoring in Nano tech relating with the medicine.

Just beginner though. So I have alot to ask you guys and will share if I know something.

I have question.

I have been making albumin nanoparticle and very confused.

This is how I am making (desolvation method)

BSA with 7.5 ml water with DMSO 1ml
And 12um of Naoh to manage the size

And 30ml of ethanol makes the solution whity and I stop

And then glutaaldehyde for the cross linker.

I check the size and after 4hrs of rxn, the size is always around 80-85 nm ish.. or 88ish

And it still the same until I do the first washing ( centrifuse 18,000 15min )

And After I do the second washing (18000 15min ), the size become 95-100

And I try third washing ( 3000 30min )

And the size still the same.

I mean...

It is ok because I need 100nm particle anyway so it is good to know that. However,
I dont know what caused the size change after second centrifuge.

Is it because if the ethanol ?

All I thought is that the 30ml ethanol in the rxn kept the particle size smaller and after first centrifused ,

I always put PBS 6ml before I do the second centrifused (of course I put PBS again after centrifuse III )

Is it because of the PBS I put made the particle little bit bigger ?
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