Magnetic bead separation vs Sepharose

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Magnetic bead separation vs Sepharose

Postby newbie17425 » Feb 11 2018 11:39 pm


I am doing coIP and currently using Sepharose beads for my experiments from GE ( ... t=17088501)

I also found that some people use magnetic beads for separation of the proteins. For example, ... duct/88804

Can you suggest what is the most efficient separation method and what is the advantage of magnetic beads over sepharose beads?

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Re: Magnetic bead separation vs Sepharose

Postby relaxin » Feb 13 2018 4:21 pm

I have used magnetic beads. The advantage is that they can be pulled down with magnet, which is faster than centrifugation. The volume is smaller than the beads (less trapped protein solution). This will facilitate washing of the immunoprecipitate.
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