Crystallisation of protein with 2-propanol

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Crystallisation of protein with 2-propanol

Postby PebblesZ » Jan 02 2017 4:06 am

Hi everyone,
I am wondering if anyone could give me some advice or insight. Last year I began crystallising my protein of interest and luckily I was successful in obtaining crystals in a HEPES, 3-Na-citrate, 2-propanol condition although unfortunately the diffraction quality was poor. The crystals are quite small and very tedious to fish. I have tried streak seeding and the crystals appeared similar. I am not a crystallographer in my research and would appreciate any insight as I would like this to use it to compliment a chapter in PhD Thesis
Thanks in advance,
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Re: Crystallisation of protein with 2-propanol

Postby maureenash » Feb 17 2017 9:44 am

If your reagent is only 1-propanol and buffer and no other salts or additive, this would be a very low ionic strength reagent. In such instances one should consider screening temperature and pH since these two variables can be more significant in low ionic strength environments.And perhaps the following as additives if the 1-propanol you're using it also mixed with a salt to create the crystallization reagent. Try different chain length alkanediols to see how the change in alkanediol affects sample-sample and sample-solvent interactions as well as sample solubility.
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