Phage Display Antibody Library Diversity

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Phage Display Antibody Library Diversity

Postby MBodri » Feb 03 2014 6:18 pm

We created a phage display heavy chain antibody library from non-immunized llama blood. It was very easy to determine library size but we are having a great deal of difficulty trying to figure out how to determine diversity. We sequenced 200 isolates from the library to provide data to help in diversity determination but aren't certain how this can be done reliably with a non-immunized library. The literature is really vague about how diversity is calculated and often just mentions it was calculated but not how it was calculated. I queried the CDC bio-statistician list serve and one member suggested capture-recapture. I don't know anything about this technique or even if this really is the best methodology. Any advice or suggestions (especially for someone who does not have a strong background in unusual statistical analysis)? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Phage Display Antibody Library Diversity

Postby mchlbrmn » Feb 05 2014 6:42 pm

Hello. I'm sure I know less than you, but for the purpose of discussion... I'll comment.
1. I suppose you know that there are next generation sequence technologies.
2. If you know the size of the unamplified library, can't the literature tell you the typical diversity of llama, or that of related mammalian, antibodies?
3. Hybridize to an array of the known v regions to confirm their representation, at least.
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Re: Phage Display Antibody Library Diversity

Postby JaneSmithSkymeter » May 26 2016 7:09 am

Next generation sequence technology may be a sequencing method.You can search de novo antibody sequencing or next generation antibody sequencing.You can try immunized library of some companies.
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