Rabbit polyclonal antibody production and cross reactivity

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Rabbit polyclonal antibody production and cross reactivity

Postby All_my_life » May 11 2016 3:47 pm

Hello, I have to produce RABBIT POLYCLONAL ANTIBODY against mouse IgM. I also need that antigene (from the first part) to be good for mice B lymphocytes stimulation but there must not be cross reaction with rats, sheep, donkeys and goats immunoglobulins. How would I perform this task and check cross reactivity? I really hope You can help me
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Re: Rabbit polyclonal antibody production and cross reactivi

Postby relaxin » May 12 2016 3:33 pm

You can probably buy the antibody from a company or have the antibodies made for you by a company. It is expensive to keep the rabbits and time consuming for the paper work with your IRB for the use of laboratory animals.
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Re: Rabbit polyclonal antibody production and cross reactivi

Postby sile88314 » Jun 09 2016 9:20 am

It really not very wise to produce antibody by yourself. like relaxin said, expensive and time consuming. Now antibody is much easier acquiring, a company such as Abcam, CST, Abnova and so on, will help you solve your problem , anyhow, they also have custom service to generate antibodies exactly meet your needs, the only defect may be a little expenive. :roll:
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