Carrier proteins

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Carrier proteins

Postby gene26 » May 13 2016 3:55 pm

I need to choose a carrier protein. I usually find BSA, Ovalbumin, KLH, CCH former two have shown some cross reactivity before so are they any other carrier protein that are widely used and available from sigma, pierce, abcam? KLH is being used currently need another for screening CCH (Concholepas) and KLH (Megathura) are same origins mollusks it may cross react? I checked KLH is 376.3 kDa but CCH has 5 subunits don't know which one it is made of?

I have seen in the website it is made of 2 & 4 subunits together they make 89.2 kDa
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Re: Carrier proteins

Postby relaxin » May 14 2016 3:37 pm

Since KLH and CCH are both mollusk hemocyanins, the antibodies generated will cross-react with the carrier proteins. Ovalbumin may be a better choice. What is your intended use of the antibodies?
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