Antibody Usage Survey

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Antibody Usage Survey

Postby coolmaster45 » Feb 27 2017 12:26 pm

Hi everyone,

I am a Masters student at UofT working on a project for one of my courses to gauge interest in a startup I am working with. The startup, BenchSci aims to use advanced algorithms to find which specific antibodies would best fit the experiment you are trying to do. Their website allows you to search through publicly available studies and pair up which antibodies were used and how they were used, with an end result to help you determine what works best.

If you could fill out a survey at the following link on your antibody usage, that would be very helpful for my course. Thank you!

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Re: Antibody Usage Survey

Postby mdfenko » Feb 28 2017 12:29 pm

it seems curious that coursework would be involved with a startup business
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