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Welcome to the new NWFSC Molecular Biology Forums

Postby strom » Oct 28 2002 10:48 pm

Welcome to the new Molecular Biology Forums. The reasons for changing how the forums work and are displayed are many, but mostly have to do with easier administration (for me), and that it's more scaleable.

One of the changes is that while browsing the forums still does not require registration, registration with a valid email address is required for posting or answering other user's questions. However, you can choose whether your email address is available to be used by the bulletin board to send and receive email between other registered users (click on your profile button located in the top right-hand corner of every page). Note that I said available--the system does not publicly display your email address but instead displays a button that when clicked brings up an email form for private email between registered users. Your email address is exposed only when you answer such a message.

All of the archive posts from the past year will remain available for an undetermined time at the link displayed at the top left-hand of the page. While new posts in the old forum will no longer be allowed, responses to older posts will still be possible for about 1 month. At that time, I will shut this down as well and simply archive all of the posts for at least a year.

My thanks to all for making the NWFSC Molecular Biology Forums as successful and advertisement-free as they've been. Let's keep that last point in mind. I don't mind, and in fact appreciate, when representatives from companies offer good solutions for a problem. However, please identify yourself and company in your profile. Obvious advertising or trolling will be dealt with by blocking privileges on the site (remember I said my administrative tools were improved!)

Originally, this was a hobby and "proof of concept" bulletin board that was (is) part of the Northwest Fisheries Science Center web site. It's still a "hobby" and because I have "real" research and administrative duties (http://www.nwfsc.noaa.gov/reutd/fhm/), I probably should have shut down the forums a long time ago. However I haven't because the site has attracted more visitors than I ever thought possible and seem to provide a real service to the international research community. The vast majority of questions and answers have been interesting and well thought out. For these reasons, I have chosen to revamp the forums rather than shut them down.

I hope they remain useful.


-Mark Strom
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