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General Posting guidelines

Postby strom » May 27 2005 4:00 pm

From time to time users may need a general reminder of some general guidelines regarding posting in these forums.

1. Register with a valid email address. Double check before hitting that submit button. Your account cannot be activated without it. Along with this, I've become aggressive about removing accounts not activated. These are usually the result of entering an invalid email address during registration. Accounts not activated within one month of registration are deleted.

2. Read the general announcment about the boards.

3. Read the short description for each major section or topic so that you pick the appropriate forum for your question. Read the FAQs for general questions about the board.

4. In general, these boards are not the place to ask obvious class/exam questions. Number 1, it's obvious. Number 2, how will you learn without doing the work yourself? Number 3, if you're absolutely stuck, then use the Student section for these types of questions.

5. Avoid blatant product advertising or unsubstantiated, derogatory comments about a product. I'm not trying to stifle free speech, but remember that something that doesn't work for you may work very well for others. In any event, if stuff like this were to start populating the boards, I would not be able to continue to host them here.

:arrow: This is a clarification of the "policy" of this site with regards to posts that include advertising of commercial products:

It is permissible to post messages containing information about, or use of, commercial products in molecular biology research. However, posting advertisements for a specific product or company is not permissible when the post is unrelated to the topic--these will be removed.

Please use common sense!

In other words, a posted response to a question should be related and in response to that specific question! If the poster is advocating the use of a particular product/reagent to solve a problem, fine, as long as there is a clear disclaimer attached (for example in a signature file).

What is not allowed are posts that are simply advertisements.

6. And finally, when posting a new topic/question, give it an informative, yet succinct, title. This will help in drawing other forum users with the appropriate expertise to your question. Topics with a title like "HELP ME NOW, WHERE IS EVERYONE!" probably won't get you very far. Plus, you're probably not going to get an answer in real time anyway. I don't think there are too many users that just hang out here all the time. I sure don't! :D
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