10,000 posts, problems with Windows viruses, and other stuff

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10,000 posts, problems with Windows viruses, and other stuff

Postby strom » Sep 08 2003 10:25 pm

We reached what I think is a pretty significant milestone sometime yesterday or today--10,000 posts since this version of the forum went live last November. Thanks to all for making this work.

Viruses, trojans and worms
Why is personal computer security such an afterthought? Everytime there's an outbreak like the latest "LoveSan", "SoBig", and other worm/virus variants, my email addresses (including the special one I have set up for just the forums) get slammed with them. It's not that they cause me any real problem--they don't because my corporate email server filters most of them out, plus I work on a platform that is immune to them. It's just annoying to have to sift through so many of the emails that are generated by the worms. Let's be proactive. Make sure you routinely update your OS, and in particular, install security patches as they become available. Use a good anti-virus application and keep it updated with the latest DATs. Don't open attachments sent by unknown or unfamiliar sources. Practice safe computing!

Problems registering
Last, and this will only be interesting to a segment of users, I often see bounced emails from people who try to register, but then never get the email that contains the information needed to complete registration. This is due to several factors: non-existent email addresses (they have to be real!), mailboxes over quota, or in some cases, ISPs that will not accept email from my agency's mail server (I don't know why unless it's political). If you suspect the latter, send me a note, at nwfsc.forums @ noaa.gov (remove the spaces), with your username and I'll see what I can do. If it's for the first two reasons, you'll have to deal with this yourself.

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