Moderators needed--Here's your chance!! CLOSED (for now)

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Moderators needed--Here's your chance!! CLOSED (for now)

Postby strom » Jul 22 2004 3:19 pm

We have completed the moderator search!

My thanks to all who responded. We now have a great group of people who have signed on to moderate the various "fora".

I'm looking for additional moderators for the forums. My goal is to have at least two for each of the main science-related forums. Because of my work load, I am simply unable to routinely participate and monitor the site. I rely on the members. So far, this has worked well, and has made the site to continue to be useful for about eight years!

Preferably, a moderator will be a member who routinely visits and participates in the forum they are the moderator of. The roles of a moderator are fairly simple:
    1. Move posts to a different category if they have been posted in the wrong one (mostly used for obvious student class or exam questions--they go the student forum).

    2. Edit misspellings in the titles--this is important for the search function.

    3. Step in if there is blatant advertising with a gentle reminder that it's not allowed (see the advertising rule). If the email "button" of a member who is habitually posting advertising is hidden, then the moderator will contact the site admin with the information.

    4. Delete really inappropriate or offensive posts (hasn't happened yet) and contact the site admin.
The latter two points are very important to me. Since I run this on a US government server, it must remain commercial free and "clean"--otherwise I will have no choice but to shut it down.

Please contact me by clicking the email button if you are interested. Tell me a little about yourself, such as research interests, educational background, and so on.

Thank you!
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