AS precipitation

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AS precipitation

Postby gene26 » Apr 14 2017 10:08 am

(NH4)2SO4 has highest solubility than phosphate salts

(NH4+)2 ion stabilizes protein through solvation and is least chaotrope thus not a denaturant and has highest effect on salting in.

SO4- ion helps in precipitation (has highest effect on salting out, raise the surface tension of water the highest)

This is my understanding about (NH4+)2 and SO4- ions role during precipitation

So during solvation they could be non-specific hydrophobic interactions between proteins?

and I read (NH4)2SO4 <400mM contribute to salting in and beyond it precipitates? Does SO4- ion contribute in stabilization of protein native conformation?

How exactly does (NH4+)2 and SO4- ions affect in stabilizing/retaining protein native conformation
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