A Brief Introduction on DNA Methylation and Methods of Detec

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A Brief Introduction on DNA Methylation and Methods of Detec

Postby SHERRY » Sep 29 2015 8:25 am

Except DNA and RNA, there are many messages which will affect the gene expression in genome. They do not change the sequence, but have the power of regulation on function and characteristics of gene by chemical modification, RNA interference and the interaction between protein and DNA. This change will be passed to the next generation. That is epigenetics. The research of epigenetics main focus on the process of this inheritance and the mechanism how it affects gene expression without any effects on DNA sequence.
DNA methylation is one of the most important parts of epigenetic research. With the development of the research on DNA methylation, the detection methods of DNA methylation are emerging in an endless stream for different research purpose. Those methods include analysis based on methylation content and analysis of candidate gene methylation
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Re: A Brief Introduction on DNA Methylation and Methods of D

Postby RepositiveCraig » Feb 16 2017 11:55 am

...And if you're looking for Methylation data, for comparison or validation we have a a free collection of 153,000 datasets ripe for the picking 8)

To view this collection which includes datasets from 13 different data sources, you will need a free account: https://discover.repositive.io/collecti ... 03f518c055

But if you want to test out repositive.io before creating an account you can query all 1.1 million datasets here: https://discover.repositive.io :idea:
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