TNF regulates blood pressure

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TNF regulates blood pressure

Postby whbio » Apr 09 2017 12:11 pm

Descried in Nature Communications, a study provides strong evidence that the cytokine tumor necrosis factor (TNF) regulates blood pressure. The results of the study extends our understanding of TNF. (Cusabio offers cytokine proteins such as TNF and many other products.
The study is led by researchers from the University of Toronto, Keenan Research Centre at St. Michael’s Hospital, University Health Network, Max-Planck-Institute for Heart and Lung Research, University of Frankfurt, Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology and Lemonosov Moscow State University, German Rheumatism Research Center, and York University.
TNF is one of multiple proteins that can induce necrosis of tumors cells. It has been well established that TNF is involved in inflammatory process: It becomes elevated in various chronic inflammatory states.
Although many types of cells in the body produce TNF, macrophages are the main source of this cell signaling protein. Scientists have implicated TNF in Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, insulin resistance, and many other diseases. Currently, Anti-TNF medications like etanercept and infliximab are used in the treatment of certain inflammatory diseases.
However, the ubiquitous expression of TNF implies that it may have important functions beyond the immune system. There is evidence that in certain diseases, the induction of TNF expression in resistance artery smooth muscle cells promotes microvascular myogenic vasoconstriction and affects blood flow. This attracts a number of researchers to investigate the function of TNF in muscle cells.
Previous research has found that smooth muscle cell-derived TNF is central to the pathological augmentation of myogenic reactivity. The new study uncovered that TNF helps regulate small blood vessel function, which is an important determinant of blood pressure.
Experiments in animal models showed that genetic deletion or pharmacological blockade of TNF in smooth muscle cells reduced blood pressure and resistance artery myogenic responsiveness. The study adds to evidence that TNF modulates blood pressure. The findings suggest that it is nessessary to monitor the blood pressure in patients who are takeing anti-TNF therapies, according to study senior author Steffen-Sebastian Bolz.
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