Label-free—Commonly Used in Quantitative Proteomics Resear

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Label-free—Commonly Used in Quantitative Proteomics Resear

Postby primejones » Sep 23 2018 7:16 am

Label free is a method in quantitative proteomics that aims to analyze the relative differences between different tissues or cells in protein. However, unlike other quantitative proteomics methods, label free quantitative proteomics does not require an expensive stable isotope label as an internal standard, but just need to analyze the mass spectrum data and compare the signal intensity of the corresponding peptide segment, thus obtaining the expression level of protein between two or among more biological samples. Compared with isotopelabeling methods, label-free is simple to operate and can be used to quantify total protein variance in any sample. But there are still some limitations that it puts high requirements for stability of the experimental operation and can only analyze one sample each time.
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